Andrea after finishing her term as vice-president of the Hungarian Television is busy with writing her book about MTV. This is going to be a real real interesting book due to her sensitivity and much experience with different governments and presidents.

Andrea founded the Hannah Senesh Foundation. Besides making a memory to her late cousin, her aim stands for the equal rights of people, regardless of sex, ethnicity past, toughts or anything else.

The big thing happened to Andrea in the May of 2004. Altough it was a sad month for her, because her mother died, she went back to show with big-big succes. Hers became the most watched daytime talk show on mtv. Her show with her hot topics, big celebrities, her facefull audience, and with the only and unique Andrea became the trend and custom of people.

Besides her big show come back, after the years of being a leader, Andrea took her old hobby back, she’s training her fantastics dogs, two St. Bernards, a white shepherd, and a long hair black german shepherd.