Dr. Andrea Szenes

  • Andrea was born in Budapest in a traditinal artist family, three generations of well known theatre and song writers in Hungary. Her father is Ivan Senesh, the most popular song writer of Hungary, and author of the lyrics of plenty theater plays. Her mother is an actress, Mariann Kornay, who unfortunatelly died in May of 2004. Andrea’s grandfather is the youngly died talented song writer, Andor Senesh. Her uncle was also a writer, Bela Senesh, and her cousin is the world-famous heroically early died Hungarian-Israeli poet, Hannah Senesh.
  • Andrea studied at the Eotvos Lorand University philosophy, English language, literature and psychology, and managed the Hungarian Film Academy.
  • In the same time, she learned in the USA, and got the American diploma of APA, specialized in person-centered cross-cultural communication.

Andrea made her Ph.D. in psychology and started to teach communication for students at the SOTE University of Medicine. She wrote a popular psychological book in 1992. (YES! Experience and thoughts on Carl Rogers, and the person-centered approach.).

She started to work for TV as a student for the Film Academy. Her first interviews had already drawn people’s focus. In 1991 she had a weekly mini-Talk-Show series with interesting elderly people.

  • In 1993, she founded her own production company, the Szenes Arts Production.
  • In the same year, she made the first Hungarian womanlike Talk-Show, the Andrea Szenes Show on the MTV 1 state channel which was a great success: That was the most watched show of the year.

Andrea interviewed among others:

Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks ,Omar Sharif, Amanda Lear, Jimmy Carter, Charles Aznavour, Aerosmith, La Bouche, LaToya Jackson, Barbara Wussow, Peter Greeneway, Mike Powel, Rampal, Allen Ginsberg, Gina Lollobrigida, Jehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, Derek Jacobi, Charlene Tilton, Chaim Topol, Bonnie Tyler, Kim Wilde, Sally Field, James Belushi , Pierce Brosnan, Robin Williams.

  • In 1995, on the cable network, she started a weekly call in type of self-help Talk-Show titled CALL ANDREA!.
  • Because adaptation & creation are the only solution for surviving in that jungle called TV, in 1996, thanks to her talent and imagination, Andrea started a new type of show on Channel 1, interviewing famous politicians, and asked them about anything but politics.
  • Andrea Szenes had been elected the vice president of the Hungarian Television in 1999.She was the head of programming and productions. In becoming vice president, she had to stop her talkshow although a lot of letters were arriving every day in which you can read that the show is still missing…

Andrea’s life is full of unexpected and unusuall happenings, as you may have got used to. In the spring of 2003 the Hungarian National Court decided that Andrea is going back to her position as the vice president of the Hungarian Television. The verdict had to be done at ones. So Andrea in one hour became a leader again. She went back her job as a vice president for another half year. And what is more we can say, she became an eternal vice president of MTV, since the legal act, the with drawel of owner’s board did not happen until today. BUT.

Andrea’s heart was beating for her viewers during the whole time of her leadership. She missed her show, she missed her audience.

Andrea went back to her show in the spring of 2004. At once she became popular, it seems, that people kept her in their hearts. Her talk show became the most watched day time talk show of MTV. Andrea says this is a big happiness in her life, that she could go back where she came from, to show.

She created the Hannah Szenes Foundation.

Andrea is workoholic but when she is not working:

Her favourite city: New York, Monte Carlo, La Jolla

Her favourite sport: table tennis, basketball, chess

Her favourite colours: red, black

Her favourite actress: Barbra Streisand

Her favourite hobby: photography, yoga, internet,technics

Her favourite drink: Coca Cola

Her favourite car: Volvo

Her favourite animals: her dogs, the two St. Bernards, Deborah and Flicky, the white shepherd Luna, and the black wilde german shepherd Susy.