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Allen Ginsberg interview
.avi (7.8MB)

Charles Aznavour interview
.avi (10,2MB

Gina Lollobrigida interview
.avi (9.5 MB)

Jimmy Carter interview
.avi (112MB)

Jehudi Menuhin interview
.avi (8,8MB)

Lucy interview
.avi (16,4MB)

Robin Williams interview
.avi (3.7MB)

Syvlester Stallone interview
.avi (4.8MB)

Topol interview
.avi (10.5MB)

Topol at Andrea's psicho-couch
.avi (7.8MB)

Vitray Tamás interview
.mp3 (23,7MB)

Vitray Tamás interview
.avi (90,8MB)

Ytzak Shamir interview
.avi (101MB)

Call Andrea headline
.avi (4.6MB)

Politician headline
.avi (4.1MB)

Szenes Andrea Show headline
.avi (5.4MB)

Not only the twenty years old own the world - Szenes Iván's works headline
.avi (7.2MB)