Andrea Szenes created the first woman-like talk show in Hungary. Until then, it was a terrible and almost impossible idea for managing such program in a conservative country and hard sector, which are the media, especially with women. Now, the times are changing, women control the stuff, and Andrea is the unbelievable proof that a woman can be very impressive, creative and competent.

"I want to give some happiness which can occur a better life to people. I believe in cross-cultural communication and think that even the most different of people in the world can understand each other with acceptance, empathy and respect. I would like the world to become a place where everybody can be different but equal, regardless of the color of their skin, religion, gender or preference of sexuality. It happens to us by chance, where and how we are born. Through the possibilities of the Internet, all of us can easily be the persons of the world."(Andrea).

Andrea invited on her first show Chaim Topol, the superstar from Fiddler On The Roof and introduced him to Hungarian actors who had played the same role. It was really a pleasure to see all of them ended up singing together. But it was not enough for the appetite of Andrea, in fact, she asked Topol to lie down on the couch on the stage and go through a mini psychoanalysis in front of the entire audience. (look at the picture). And that was the quite new concept of Andrea, the psychologist analysis of the personalities, which could exacerbate and stimulate the real face and emotional part of the guest. This show got itsí highest ratings among all of the shows that year.

The show continued successfully participating by celebrities like:

Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks ,Omar Sharif, Amanda Lear, Jimmy Carter, Charles Aznavour, Aerosmith, La Bouche, LaToya Jackson, Barbara Wussow, Peter Greeneway, Mike Powel, Rampal, Allen Ginsberg, Gina Lollobrigida, Jehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, Derek Jacobi, Charlene Tilton, Chaim Topol, Bonnie Tyler, Kim Wilde, Sally Field, James Belushi , Pierce Brosnan, Robin Williams.


Topol is lying on the psycocoach of Andrea

Andrea with Amanda Lear