There are only two kinds of politicians in Hungary, one who had already talked with Andrea, and the other one who will...

This slug-line is well known reflecting that our Show has emerged as a factor influencing the social discourse in Hungary.

It seemed to be clear, that the show had a considerable influence on population and politics behavior. Thanks to the clever approach of Andrea on subject, people could follow the discussion; they could appreciate the new aspect of a dialogue on everything but politics with politicians.

This new concept has transformed the contents of the Talk-Show in a real important file among archives of the Hungarian media documentation of the 90-s.

"It is gonna be a little different this time, we gonna got a little closer" The celebrities figures reveal new features, open their heart, the most introvert persons do an effort for talking on their private part of their life.

Thanks to Andrea’s psychological background, sensitivity and her amazing feminine empathy, she has succeeded in revealing politicians as human beings. In that situation, everybody wins:

  • the politicians because they got some points of sympathy and credibility
  • the public because they could understand and appreciate the human-side of the politicians

We could realize for example that politicians from opposite sides think very similar in daily questions.

`I profess myself a Communicator` - says Andrea. `I do believe in maintaining dialogue even between people of conflicting points of view. I am not the aggressive, attacking type as a majority of reporters, nor as a private individual. I believe in a world that allows the right to be different in mind, think, behavior, believes…but with the respect of the equality of everybody.

During the first 3 years of our Talk Show, our Guest List has included some of the greatest personalities of the political palette both from Hungary and abroad.

Among others: Jimmy Carter, Shamir, Baja Ferenc, Boross Péter, Cseh Mária, Csintalan Sándor, Demszky Gábor, Deutsch Tamás, Fodor Gábor, Gémesi György, Gógl Árpád, Herényi Károly, Horn Gábor, Hodosán Róza, Isépy Tamás, Kávássy Sándor,Kiss Peter, Kökény Mihály, Kuncze Gábor, Lampeth Mónika, Lanyi Zsolt,Lezsák Sándor, Magyar Bálint, Martonyi János Nagy Sándor, Palotás János, Peto Iván, Pokorny Zoltán, Sándor László, Suchmann Tamás, Szabad György, Szabó Iván, Szent-Iványi István, Szekeres Imre, Szekeres Pál, Pozsgay Imre, Tabajdi Csaba, Tamás Gáspár Miklós, Toller László, Torgyán József és Zwack Péter.


Demszky Gábor Torgyán Józef Boross Péter Deutch Tamás
Cseh Mária Kiss Péter Pokorni Zoltán Martonyi János
Pető Iván Nagy Sándor Tabajdi Csaba Pusztai Erzsébet
Herényi Károly Lányi Zsolt Kökény Mihály Gogl Árpád
Nagy Sándor Lezsák Sándor Pozsgay Imre Szabad György
Jimmy Carter Tamás Gáspár Miklós Fodor Gábor
Kávássy Sándor Magyar Bálint