Andrea | Iván

Andrea looks like Michael Jackson

Andrea wearing a furcoat

Andrea with Omar Sharif

Andrea with Yehudi Menuhin

Andrea in her first show, with Topol

Moony Andrea

Andrea’s eyes

Andrea’s another face

Andrea and Tamas Vitray

Andrea during make up

Andrea with her audience

Andrea with Amanda Lear

Andrea in work

Andrea and Robin Williams

Andrea and Róbert Lovas

Andrea, Iván and Amanda Lear

Andrea smiles into the mic

A portrait of Andrea

Andrea in front of tv

Unusual pic of Andrea

Portrait of Andrea

Andrea’s grandma’s blessing

Andrea with Jimmy Carter, shooting a show

Andrea in studio

Andrea with her memorable pink mic microfon

Andrea at the start of the Political talk-show

One of Andrea’s favourite pictures about herself

Andrea’s speech in Israel

Andrea with Lucy, from the series of Dallas

Andrea and Shamir

Andrea with her guest: Gina Lollobrigida

Andrea with Jimmy Carter

Andrea with her dog called Dandi

Family Szenes

Andrea and Iván

Andrea with her spectators

Andrea and Aznavour

Andrea during her sunflower-period

Andrea at the age of five

Andrea with György Nadas in the masquerade of Club Fészek

Young Andrea and her boyfriend